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Robin is a writer and editor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was the Food and Drink Editor at Weekly Alibi, where she worked for over three years. She regularly contributes to edible New Mexico, Southwest Contemporary, and New Mexico Magazine.

Robin's writing revolves around food, agriculture, art, and ecology in the American Southwest, with a special focus on Indigenous art and foodways.

In her free time, Robin likes to take road trips, soak in the hot springs, and hike in the mountains. She also reads a whole lot of books, mostly by Anne Carson.


Recent Writing

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Craftspeople to know in New Mexico

Southwest Contemporary


Q&A with the book artist in Santa Fe, NM.

Southwest Contemporary


StormMiguel Florez's flashback documentary on Albuquerque queer culture

Weekly Alibi

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The people ensuring the agricultural future of the Land of Enchantment

Southwest Contemporary


The ‘Nativore’ Chef Working to Improve Nutrition in Indigenous Communities

Civil Eats


A history of resilience or a symbol of suffering?

Curiosity Magazine

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At the Harwood Art Center

THE Magazine


Drinking Albariño in a fairytale

Flung Magazine

kaur space story.png

More and more industries are moving toward gig-based work. Do we have the tools to adapt?


Copywriting + Editing


Let's make your ideas sparkle on the page.

You know more about your business or organization than anyone else. That's why you need a writer who will work closely with you to learn all about what you do—and all the technical jargon involved. Then, we can use your ideas to tell that story together.

Content Editing

The pieces are there. They just need to be put together.

Have you been staring at that same screen full of text for an hour, unsure of where to take it next? We've all been there. Pass the baton to me and I'll make sure your story gets where it needs to go.

Line Editing

The "there, their, or they're" bit.

Grammar! It's the least fun part of this writing stuff, right? That's why you bring in a pro to go over your brochure or annual report with a fine-tooth comb. 

Fill in the Blank

Your project may vary. Because every project does.

Do you have a writing or editing project that doesn't fall neatly into one of these categories? That's great! They rarely do, if we're being honest. Drop me a line in the form below to tell me the details, and then we can come up with a game plan. 



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